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Attract customers to your commercial space with attractive and durable epoxy flooring. Let your brand and merch stand out in a creative way.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

When you’re running commercial premises, it’s essential that your floors are safe, professional-looking, and easy to clean. As a result, many businesses in Orlando choose epoxy floor coats that give their premises a professional and sanitary feel without sacrificing aesthetics.

At Top Coat Epoxy, we install commercial epoxy flooring for businesses of many kinds, including retail stores, hospital clinics, restaurants and more.

We can customize the colors and design of the floor coat to match the space, your brand image and the professional feel you’re going for.

Our epoxy coatings are safe, sanitary, easy to maintain, and can be produced in various colors and styles. Our floor coating even adheres to USDA guidelines!

Few commercial floors can give you the level of protection and safety for your equipment, employees, and customers, that our decorative epoxy floor coatings can.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring In Orlando Fl

Commercial Epoxy floor finishes

Top Coat Epoxy designs custom epoxy quartz floors, and resinous coatings, engineered to last longer, and meet the individual needs of every environment. From functionality to aesthetics, we can deliver the ideal flooring for your business.

Commercial Floors that are easy to clean and maintain

When it comes to different styles of commercial flooring, Epoxy coatings offer the easiest cleaning and maintenance options. Epoxy floor coatings allow you to focus your time, labour and money on the important things than on cleaning and maintaining the floors in your locations.

Our epoxy floor coatings don't need waxing or polishing – they always have a natural sheen. All you need to do is brush, sweep, and mop your flooring as necessary to keep it looking brand new at all times.

With regular cleaning and maintenance schedule, an epoxy commercial floor from Top Coat Epoxy can last for 10-20 years! This durability and low maintenance costs is why so many of our Orlando commercial clients recommend us to their business partners.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring In Orlando Fl

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